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Bidding Platform












  • Bidding service
  • Unfixed cost
  • Safe payments
  • Moneyback guarantee


  • Old-fashioned design
  • No Live Chat and Live Support
  • Erratic order process
  • Unknown writers
  • Lack of transparency policy

About the Company

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PaperTakers, or formerly known as EssayCrate, is not a writing agency, as you may assume. It is an innovative approach with the help of which you can hire a writer, discuss all the conditions (including price) and get your work done even faster than the best writing services. So, let us take a close look at this advanced platform from different perspectives.

What Service Does PaperTakers (ex-Essaycrate) Provide?

This service definitely stands out from other writing services and agencies because of the modern approach. There are no fixed prices for the services and no fixed deadlines (you need to discuss the terms of the deal with the author directly). But there is an escrow model that prevents you from fraud and a similar bad experience. 

The service guarantees the only thing – an environment for making an order that will simplify your student’s life.

Quality of Service and the Writer

As it states on the company’s official website, the platform does not make any guarantees of the services’ provision. All the writers and freelancers do not belong to the company directly. They use this platform to find their clients. 

You can see an extensive list of freelancers ready to take the offer and start working on it immediately on the website. In their turn, the writers provide you with their overall experience and expertise. So, it will be much easier for you to pick the needed candidate to help you with the writing assignment, whether it is a school essay or master thesis. Some of the writers are professionals and can personally guarantee you the best score. 

You can also read reviews left by other students to learn about the quality of services provided by Paper Takers. 

papertakers writers

Price List

The company does not have a fixed price list. It means that you can find a price for your writing assignment that will satisfy you and the writer. For a student, it is great news because he or she can create a project, fill the required lines providing all the details, set up a budget, and wait for a bid. 

You can also check the list of available freelancers and pick someone from there. In this term, the service is super flexible, and many students can afford the services’ cost.

A piece of advice: do not set up a mega low budget for the project because professional writers will skip it. 

papertakers prices

Acceptable Payment Methods

The PaperTakers company allows you to use the only available payment option to pay for the services – PayPal. Of course, many American students have PayPal account and can process the payment. But it would be way more accessible and convenient to add a few more payment services like Visa or Mastercard to its list.


The freelance agency does not provide any guarantees to the customers. The only thing you can rely on is an escrow model that will hold your money safe until you approve the work of the chosen writer (freelancer). This website works the same way as Upwork or Freelancer. And if you have some difficulties, you can contact the Support Team and solve your problem.


The online reputation of the company is questionable on the Internet. It shows that the quality of services went down. Checking the SiteJabber website, we went through both Essay Crate and Paper Takers and noticed that the total rate fell from 5 stars (3 reviews) to 3.67 stars (from 6 reviews). 

The data from Trustpilot is better and indicates the summary rate of 4.1 stars (out of five). And it is strange because there are five reviews with the best-given score.  

Customer Service at Paper Takers

As the website looks outdated, the approach of Customer Service seems the same way. On the website, you will find neither Live Chat nor a phone number. You have only one opportunity to reach the representative of the Support Team via a special request. So, the Customer Service’s issue should be improved because nobody wants to wait their entire life when someone responses to you.

Pros and Cons


Interesting approach – a bidding service

Possibility to discuss all the details directly with the chosen writer

Unfixed cost of the services

Safe payments and a moneyback guarantee


Old-fashioned design

No Live Chat and Live Support

Erratic process of ordering

The lack of transparency policy

Unknown writers


Can I rely on the services of PaperTakers?

It is not easy to give you a reliable answer to this question because of the lack of actual customers’ reviews on the Web. There are a few of them, and 100% of them are positive ones. And this is a little bit suspicious.

Can the chosen writer (freelancer) scam me?

Thanks to the escrow model, your money will not be able for the writer until he or she completes the writing assignment and makes approval from your side. 

How much does the essay cost?

Compared to other writing agencies, this service has no price list, so there are no fixed prices for the work. You need to create a project, set up a budget, and wait for the “knock-knock” from the writer. Or, the next option is to hire a writer from the given list.

Does PaperTaker provide its customer with discounts?

Unfortunately, you will not find any bonus deal or a special discount on the PaperTaker official website.

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